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"The more that we can support the community the greater the community will become”

We sit down with Adrien Fitzpatrick from The YMCA to see what it means to Live, Love Local...

1. How long have you been involved with the YMCA, what’s sets the YMCA apart from any other facilities in The Redlands? 
I have now been working with the YMCA for 8 months.  What makes the YMCA different from any other facilities within the Redlands is a one shop stop for families with Learn to Swim, Gymnastics, Pool and Fitness.  The YMCA is also very focused on supporting the local Redlands community via running a multiple range of community programs.
2. What an incredible way to spend your working hours, encouraging health and fitness and seeing people achieve their health and wellness goals, we are totally jealous! 
What is it about what you do that gives you ‘that fire in the belly’ feeling and keeps you at it everyday?  

I have always been very focused on giving back to the community.  Prior to working at the YMCA I worked for a local government entity running community programs.  When the opportunity at the YMCA opened up I was more than happy to jump on board as it gave me the ability to support my local community.  Walking into the centre each day to talk to people from the local community and see how we are making a difference in their lives, just gives you that warm feeling inside.
3. What’s the hardest part of what you do?   
One of the hardest parts of my job would be trying to cater for everyone in the community’s needs.  We are limited with our space and only have so many places we can hire. 
4. Our campaign is called Live, Love Local. When you hear these three words what do they mean to you?  
I am a strong believer in supporting the community in which you live.  As a local to the Redlands (living and working) I feel strongly about supporting my community.  The more that we can support the community the greater the community will become.


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