Elysium Restaurant & Bar

“I enjoy seeing guests have a wonderful experience in my restaurant and I thrive in a busy restaurant environment.”

We sat down with Jason Kriedemann from Elysium to see what it means to Live, Love Local...

1. How long have you been in business, what prompted you to create such a stunning restaurant?  What was your inspiration behind Elysium?
Myself and my business partners have worked in hospitality for well over 20 years and being local to the Redlands community we all felt that there was a niche market for a high end restaurant & bar.  Our motivation was to bring a piece of the cities chic bars and restaurants close to home and give the local community a premier dining establishment that prides itself on good food, great service and offers a point of difference with live music over the weekend.

2. What an incredible way to spend your working hours, running a business that is iconic to The Redlands and overseeing the creation of some of the finest food in the area... I am totally jealous!
What is it about what you do that gives you ‘that fire in the belly’ feeling and keeps you at it everyday?  

It is simple, I enjoy seeing guests have a wonderful experience in my restaurant and I thrive in a busy restaurant environment.  Plus, Elysium for me is all about my family and providing for our future.

3. What’s the hardest part of what you do?   
The late nights and early starts but when you love what you do it makes it easier!

4. Our campaign is called Live, Love Local. When you hear these three words what do they mean to you?
I immediately think of living in the Redlands and supporting all of the local family owned businesses.  We have so much on our doorstep if you know where to look!


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