Australian Red Cross Blood Donation


The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is urging existing and new donors to roll up their sleeves this winter and donate blood.
The team at LJ Hooker Victoria Point have responded to the call to help replenish the much needed blood supplies of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service by collectively rolling up their sleeves and donating.
“We are in the business of ‘making dreams happen’ every day and doing something that could be life changing for another, may just be a dream come true for them. It only took us an hour to donate but our donation means a life changed for the better and this is incredibly important to us”, said Jim Chetcuti, Principal LJ Hooker Victoria Point.
Winter is a crucial time for blood supply and with so many regular donors ill with colds and flu new donors are encouraged to participate to ensure supplies remain healthy. Amongst the LJ Hooker Victoria Point team were a number donating for the first time, how incredibly rewarding!
“The need for blood never goes away, but unfortunately winter illnesses wipe out more than 1000 blood donors every single day. With 25,000 blood donations needed in Australia each week, losing 1000 donations a day puts our blood supply under real pressure.”said Jennifer Campbell Case, Blood Service QLD Communications Manager.
It is easy to take for granted that at any time in our lives if we require blood, it will be there, but Australia’s blood supply relies on just a small number of donors. The figures are astounding, 1 in 3 people will need donated blood in their lifetime, yet only 1 in 30 people donate blood.
LJ Hooker Victoria Point recognise this and the initiative as a team to get involved in the Winter Blood Drive made for a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community.
Remember… Every donation can save three lives
Call 13 14 95 or go to to make an appointment.